Happy slave

I do not drive my scooter one more time.

This scooter was bought at last year, from a scooter shop closed two months ago which let me begin afraid my vehicle is fake production, this maybe could explain why this scooter’s feeling is so terrible. It’s hard to explain how terrible feeling it is, I call it plastically, because whatever I start the engine or speed up, it always squeaky, like a practical toy scooter, even squeaky while in the charging,. The cream color also let me connect it with porridge or paste which perfectly let me nausea in summer or in winter. Besides, this scooter’s highest speed is just 60KM, I know the 60KM per hour in fact is just a number in the city, but this is the number matters a man’s dignity, especially I always overtake by those modified scooters.

I guess those modified scooter driver are all mad, to get the speed like flying, they even give up the plastic shell, only left a seat and core steel part, this is kind of superrealism, because they could easily wrap their scooter use their own body through a strange posture—I used though I was in a Quidditch match at the first time I have been overtake.

The opportunity was happened at noon on a thick summer.

I was intaking nutrition in a little restaurant, the reason why I use intake nutrition to replace eating is because the all food from that restaurant’s kitchen have been trans to something strange only left food’s exterior but no any flavor, incidentally, the price of food in this restaurant were also surprisingly cheap.

I don’t know if your readers have been to similar restaurants, however I can promise to yo If one day you have the chance sit in a restaurant and eat pork with the same taste to the water beside it, you will find that you are suddenly interested in everything in this world. From guessing the brand of soy sauce put on table to that man sit opposite me whether a college students like me or not.

Unfortunately, my attention was completely focus on the dialogue between the two man outside the door about three missing bicycles. “I already lost MELCHIORL and BALTHASAR during the past two weeks, and now CASPER is also missing, What the hell are your polices doing? You shameless tax thief !” The man was yelling outside, though I was sit in the other side of the door but I still felt his majestic momentum from his roar and courage with use those three great stages’ name to call his bicycles.

When I was worried about my scooter outside and the local security level, something trigged my inner evil part, a crazy thought suddenly appeared and forming like a poisonous dagger stabs my heart: I could simply throw my scooter away and declared it have been stolen which will perfectly give me a reason to replace my vehicle to something more fashion, like a motorcycle.

This great plane let me thought I could be a hidden genius or have the talent on crime field, then I immediately realized the flaw part: I can not just throw my scooter to some place, this is just a little town and my scooter’s terrible exterior made it particularly conspicuous.Of course I could easily found several reason to explain why I lost my scooter, not such hard, however, I wish I could get rid of this nightmare forever, I can not accept one more day driving that plastically scooter on the road and let those modified scooter overtake me, I will replace my vehicle to a motorcycle, a real steel monster, let those modified scooter driver know who will catch the Golden Snitch.

So I left the scooter at that place of the restaurant and sit in the cafe at the other side of the street, to stay in the cafe, I also bough a cup of coffee with a price full of brand premiums. As a sound man college student, I was also reading a philosophy book written by Kant, and check the situation of scooter once an hour.

Einstein mentioned that time is relative, this theory later currently happened on myself, the whole afternoon finished quickly, but my scooter still stay there like a melted inferior ice cream over there, I extremely hoping there will be a grand thief appear and bring that ice cream away from this town.

But the grand thief looks do not interest in this scooter, thus I left my stuff on the cafe’s table and go to the other side to provide a perfect chance to all people working in theft field: I uncover the lock, and left the key on the scooter, if you guys still can not success I have to say you are not suitable for this job.

It’s already 9 P.M., and my scooter still left there.

The cafe will close in half an hour, and I already so hungry, I guess I need give up. I walk out of the cafe, the sign light is red, well, I could stroll around this side of street, go left, there’s a taiyaki store, that’s perfect, a read bean taiyaki could soothe my heart and stomach. The freshly baked taiyaki exudes heart in my hand, the soft taste with red bean’s flavor relieved my dark desire to raging appetite, now I only want ride on my scooter, drive to that oden store under the bridge beside my flat, let that old chef give me a bowl of hot oden with a cold bear. Then freely talk with other people sit beside, I will even buy him a cup of wine if I like that guy…

The scooter is no longer stay there.

These disgusting thief! The public security of this town is decreasing day by day, I have to report this case, what the hell those police doing? Can’t they just set some surveillance cameras at these streets? Where they spend my tax? These polices are totally tax thieves! I need let they realized the seriousness of this case! I know, this is already the fourth!

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